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Submit an application with property information, budget, scope of work, copy of driver's license, W9, and personal financial statements.


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We will finalize underwriting and work with the title company to get your mortgage closed!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of projects do you lend on?

Muletown Funding lends on investment properties only. Although we generally fund residential projects, we have done commercial lending too and are always willing to look at any project.

Do you lend on primary residences?

Mortgage and RESPA laws prohibit us from lending on primary residences. We do have several trusted resources for lending on primary residences if you would like a referral.

Is there a maximum/minimum limit to loan amounts?

No, we have no minimum/maximum. We underwrite each transaction on a deal-by-deal basis. Getting comfortable with the underlying assets is key to our business, which also allows us to be flexible with our lending projects and our partnership with you!

How quickly can you close?

We can close as quickly as one business day! We are able to close much quicker than most hard money lenders can. 

Is an appraisal required?

We generally underwrite loans in-house, including working on the valuation of your property, as long as we understand the project and the market.

What is the average loan term?

Muletown Funding offers 7-12-month balloon loans as we are short-term lenders. We want to help primarily with acquisition money until an investor can sell the property or convert to long-term financing. We do not carry long-term loans for customers.

Do you lend outside of Colorado?

We lend in Colorado and the greater Nashville area.

Do you work with other brokers?

We can look at any deal!